Lunenburg School Teachers

Bridgewater Bulletin, July 11, 1888.

At nine o’clock on Tuesday morning the teachers’ examinations opened in the academy with Judge Chesley performing the duties of examiner. In 1886 there were 82 candidates, 69 in 1887, and this year there are but 59. Last year 47 applied for Grade C against 27 this year. The following list shows the applicants and their aims:

Lunenburg: George Cain,B; Ellen Herman, C; Bertha Andrews, D; Minnie Cossman, C; Antoinette Lohnes, D; Maggie A.Smith, C; Addie Sawler, D; Edna Herman,D; Mortimer Reinhardt,C; Elsie E. Hebb,C

Bridgewater: Ellie M.Tobin,C; Charles E. Artz, C; Millie Power, C; Agnes Wynacht, C; Laura M. Wile, C; Stanly G. Tobin, D; Nellie McMillen, C; Helen Beardsley, C; Richard Patillo, D ; Ellen T.Perry,D; Mary A. Risser,D; Annie M.Wensell, C; Edgar March, C; Edwin Kaulback, D; Ada Mailman, C; Ida M. Ward, C; Low Hirtle,C

Mahone Bay: Mary C. Strum, D; Adelaide Veinot, D; Bessie E. Andrews, D; Hattie Ham, D Mader’s Cove: Leila Westhaver,D

Chester: Eva Webber, C; Alma M. Cooney,C; Bessie Phalen, D; Annie Hawboldt, D; Mary Corkum, D; Annie Pulsifer, D; Lydia Fleet, C Chester Basin: Cora Hennigar,C

New Germany: Oliver Caldwell, C; Maggie Tretheway, D; Novella Spidle,D; Chesley’s Corner: Bertha Lonas, C Lantz Office: Ella Lantz, D

Upper Northfield: Ella McKay, C; Sarah Fancy, D; Nettie Fancy, D; Ida M.Jean,D West Northfield: Alice L. Wentzell, D; Hannah Sarty, D; Jennie C. Ramey, D

Dublin Shore: Edith S. Crawford, C New Cumberland: Hattie Corkum, D New Canada: Freelove Mader, D Lakeville: Lillie L. Corkum, D Maitland: Ida C. Barry , D Midville: Agnes McDonald C

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