Lunenburg Academy School Register

May to October, 1890. Teacher: A.J. McDougald

May 7, 1890: Hon. W.S. Fielding addressed a meeting in the Drill Shed.

May 14: This was Nomination Day. Church and Sperry were nominated for the Liberals and McLean and Smith for the Liberal-Conservatives.

May 21: This was Election Day. Church and Sperry were elected. The Fielding Government was sustained.

May 23: This was Declaration Day. The Stars and Strpies were flying in Lunenburg.

June 7: This was Lunenburg’s Natal Day and there was no celebration.

July 1: This was Dominion Day. The S.S. Halifax was in the port of Lunenburg.

September 16: This was the day of the Lutheran Picnic and the marriage of Primrose Zwicker.

September 25: The Methodist Sunday School Exhibition was held on this day.

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse

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