Would-be Pedagogues

Bridgewater Bulletin, Jul. 11, 1899

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The following is a list of sixty-six candidates for teachers’ certificates who presented themselves before H.T. Keefler and S.G. Tobin, at the Bridgewater High School last week.

B (which means the candidate had completed Grade 11.) Minetta Vaughn Crandall, New Canada; Laura Harley Gow, Bridgewater; Cecil McDougald, Bridgewater; Frances Eugene Wilson, Bridgewater; Blanche Edith Starratt, Bridgewater; Reginald Edward Hyson, Mahone Bay.

C (which means the candidate had completed Grade 10) Bowman Luke Rafuse, Conquerall Bank; Eaton Charles Cleversey, Dayspring; Jessie Emma Rafuse, Conquerall Bank; Jennie Tabitha Wile, Bridgewater; Lila Gertrude Logan, Bridgewater;Jeanie Hunter Duff, Bridgewater; Valeria Freeman, Bridgewater; Maud Margaret McMillan, Bridgewater; Hattie Eliza Rafuse, Bridgewater; Lillie Dean Fadet, Bridgewater; Vera Croucher Curll, Bridgewater; Andrew Arthur Gow, Bridgewater; Mary Ethel Logan, Bridgewater; Geneva May Oakes, Bridgewater; Bessie Fancy, Bridgewater; Letitia Alice Crouse, Lapland; Phoebe Abigail Slauenwhite, Conquerall Bank; Annie Winifred Corkum, Conquerall Bank; Alma Waterman, Pleasant River; Sarah Alice Tupper, Pleasant River; Lydia Augusta Fancy, Pleasant River; Effie Mabel Rodenhiser, Upper Branch.

D (which means the candidate had completed Grade 9) Carrol Foss, Bridgewater; Lillian May Thompson, Bridgewater; Florence Isabel Thompson, Bridgewater; Bradford Reeves, Bridgewater; Prescott Blaydon Duff, Bridgewater; Gertrude Hannah Feindel, Bridgewater; Blanche Eva Brooks, Bridgewater; Maggie Edith Wagner, Bridgewater; Mabel Florence Simonson, Bridgewater; Gertrude Agnes Burkett, Bridgewater; Ida Helena Wentzell, Bridgewater; Vera Louise Benjamin, Bridgewater; William Welsford Brignell, Bridgewater; Kate Porter, Bridgewater; Evelyn Manning , Bridgewater; Wilda Mann, Bridgewater; Susie Wile, Bridgewater; Annie Pauline Hamm, Mahone Bay; Belle Blanche Hawkesworth, Barss Corner; Mary Evelyn Warner, Conquerall Bank; Reginald McKean Saunders, Conquerall Bank; Nora Cecilia Hiltz, Dalhousie Road; Ethel Gaul, Dalhousie Road; Margaret Sophia Matthews, Dalhousie Road; Urban Henry Layton, Petite Riviere; Minnie Maud Bell, Dublin Shore; Lillian Maxwell Adams, Dublin Shore; Elsie Dolores Zwicker, Italy Cross; Elva Belle Hebb, Bridgewater; Florence Louise Hebb, Bridgewater; Estella Hannah Murley, Pleasant River; Mary Ann Getson, Getson’s Point; Maggie Leone Spearwater, Getson’s Point; Grace Avernia Getson, Getson’s Point; Mary Knock, West LaHave; Isabel Cameron McKean, West LaHave; Estella Eamback, West LaHave; Agnes Sophia Long, East Dalhousie.

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse

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