Letter from the Boer War

Progress Enterprise, April, 1900.

In a letter received from Private Chas. E. Miller, of Lunenburg, by his parents last evening, and dated at Paar Drift, February 23, he says:- We arrived here on Sunday morning and just had our kits off our backs when we were ordered to be ready as the enemy was in sight. Our regiment was in the firing line, the fight was at the Modder River bank, but I can’t describe it. On Tuesday we had another scrap. One of our men, Johnson, who was alongside of me is likely to die from his wound. (Since dead) I am all right but got a bullet through my helmet, which grazed my hair and made it stand on end for some minutes. It was the Orange Free State army we were fighting aginat. Oue casualties in both engagements were about 95 killed and wounded.

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse

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