Train Derailment

Bridgewater Bulletin, October 4, 1904.

Just after the train from Middleton left the Northfield Station on Saturday night , the rear coach left the track and pounded over the ties for about three car lengths before the train could be stopped. Great excitement prevailed in the derailed car which keeled over slightly and contained a number of passengers among whom were many women and children. A man named Simeon Shay, of Hamilton, Ontario, jumped from the car and alighted in some stones and stumps and sustained a compound fracture of his left ankle. The derailed car was detached from the train, which proceeded to this place with all speed. The wounded man, who was suffering terribly, was removed to the office of Drs. Stewart and Kelley, who set and dressed the ankle after which the sufferer was taken to Clark’s Hotel and made as comfortable as circumstances would permit.

Shay is in the employ of the Wrought Iron Range Company of Toronto, and was coming here to work when he met with the accident. The poor fellow is away from friends and has no accident insurance, therefore any kindness shown him will be very welcome. He will likely be sent to the Victoria General Hospital as soon as he can be moved. The cause of the accident is not yet known. On Sunday an examination was made and the derailed car placed on the track and brought to the shops. It is not damaged to any great extent and the wheels, which are of the best made with steel bands are in good condition.

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse

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