Chester News

Bridgewater Bulletin, August 31, 1915.

Tuesday and Wednesday, August 24th. and 25th.had been advertised for the annual Regatta of the Chester Yacht Club, but the weather man had other views on the subject. Tuesday morning proved foggy and showery so that the sports of the day had to be called off. The Chester Red Cross Society had planned to take advantage of the day by organizing a bevy of young girls to tag everyone in sight for the benefit of the Society. The following young ladies wore the Society badge and tagged with great success – Misses Marjorie Brookfield, Mary Wurtz, Rosaline Florence, Pearl MacDermott, Sue Mills, Hilda Harris, Maisie Freda, Florence Walsh, Ruth Hennigar, Merle Stanford, Margaret and Emma Robinson, Fanny Evans, Edna Zinck, Marion Smith, Gertrude Mills, Susie Church, Flora Manning and others. Through their united efforts, the sum of one hundred five dollars was added to the Red Cross Fund.

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse

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