Whynacht, Pte. Ray H.

From: Whynacht, Pte. Ray H.

To: His father

December 26, 1916 Somewhere in France

Dear Father,

Just a few lines in answer to your kind and welcome letter.

Yesterday was Christmas. I hope you had an enjoyable one. I know that I enjoyed mine as well as I ever did but in a very funny way and I am going to tell you just how the boys celebrated their Christmas. In the morning about ten o’clock some of the boys happened to look out of the trench and saw the Germans standing on top of their parapet-that is the top of the tench which is built of sandbags, which forms a wall along the tench- waving their hands for us to come over. When we saw them we got on top of our trench and waved our hands for them to come over to us, but they would not come, then we got down and started to walk over to them, and when they saw us coming they got down from their parapet and came to meet us. They came right up and shook hands with us. You could see them about a mile along the line, both our boys and the Germans shaking hands with each other. There was an officer and some of his men came right over to our trench. They had cigarettes and cigars. The officer could speak good English and so could some of the men. The officer gave our boys a German paper and it said in the paper that the war would be over by the middle of January. It looked funny to me to see anything like that. Tell Mother I received her letter but will write later. I sent her a Christmas present quite a few weeks ago. I suppose she has received it by this time if nothing has happened to it. I suppose Kenneth and Clifford are busy lobster fishing.

Well, Father, I will bring my short letter to a close by wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I still remain,

Your loving son, Ray


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