Conrad, Pte. “Steve”

From: Conrad, Pte. “Steve”

To: His Mother

August 23, 1917 France

Dear Mother,

No doubt you have heard about the Canadians in their desperate battle of the 20th, and as I have been in it and came through without a scratch will try to write a few lines.

In the early morning of August 15th, we attacked the enemy and advanced beyond Cite St. Lauvent, lying north and southwest of Lons. We gained our objectives with very few casualtiesso we at once began to consolidate our trench and prepare for counter-attacks. That evening Fritz tried to retake it and we drove him back easily. The next morning he tried again and failed. He continued throwing his men against us and we beat them back. On the morning of the 20th. inst. he attacked us with large numbers of men, and as we only had 40 men per company, he managed to reach our trench, and then the desperate battle began. We got him out of the trench and fought him in No Man’s Land under a barrage of fire from both sides. We knew then that we had the Grenadier Guards to butt against, but it didn’t matter, we were going to beat him and every man stuck to it; we met and clashed in the open, using our bayonets. They fought like rats in a trap but they haven’t got the staying power. So we now hold all our positions. Am sorry to say that Lieut. O.G. Dauphinee (formerly captain) was killed.

Your loving son, Stephen

It will be rememberd that this writer of this letter enlisted immediately after war was declared. After serving fifteen months at Wellington barracks, Halifax, he was transferred to the 112th. Batt., drilling at Bridgewater and afterward at Windsor. He went overseas with this battalion in July, 1916. He was transferred to the 25th. N.S. battalion, crossing to France in September of the same year and constantly since then has been in the thick of the fight, having been wounded twice. His brother, L.L. Conrad of the same battalion who was also wounded at the Battle of Vimy Ridge, was sent to England and is at present at Bramshott, England.


Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse

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