Noble Help for Halifax

Bridgewater Bulletin, December 18, 1917.

The prompt and efficient help rendered Halifax at this time of need by many of the cities of the United States is quite remarkable.

Between the 8th. and 10th. of December five relief trains from different cities of the United States have been rushed to Halifax.

There were two trains from Boston, containing doctors, nurses, and supplies.

From Providence, R.I., a full hospital unit train was sent.

One train of eight cars, packed with supplies of all kinds from New York was provided by 25 millionaires of that city, who accompanied the train to the stricken city.

Washington sent a big train load of supplies.

The members of the Christian Science Church, Boston, also sent a train load of supplies.

The Massachusetts State Guard has rushed a base hospital in charge of Major Geddings, through from Boston. It has a medical staff and equipments consisting of 10 physicians, 2 quartermasters, and 10 nurses with supervisor.

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse

Maine Sends Relief

Bridgewater Bulletin, December 18,1917.

Augusta, Maine, December 7- Ten thousand heavy wool blankets, 1000 cot beds and a corps of staff and medical officers and assistants from the Penobscot County Committee on Public Safety are now on their way from Maine to Halifax and will reach there Saturday night. Governor Milliken tonight sent the following telegram to the governor-general of Canada, the governor of Nova Scotia, and the headquarters of the American Red Cross at Washington.

“The State of Maine is waiting word to send aid to Halifax. Several scores of doctors and several hundred nurses offer their services. An abundant supply of groceries is on hand. The State can furnish at once 400,000 square feet of beaver board, 10 tons of putty, 200,000 lights of glass, and 10,000 rolls of tarred paper and roofing paper. Crews and carpenters and other volunteer workers are ready for any emergency. On advices just received I am sending 2000 blankets and 1000 cots from the state military stores and 8000 other blankets from Bangor, with staff and medical officers and other assistants. Notify me of your other needs.”

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse