Private William Sawler

Bridgewater Bulletin, June 25, 1918.

Excitement was abundant at Western Shore on the home coming of Private William Sawler from the front. Private Sawler was the first man from the parish of St. Martin to go across, and today wears the red stripe of 1914 with the three blue stripes for the following years. Not content with these, the left arm bears the good conduct mark of the two short gold stripes which tell their own tale. Having done his duty nobly and well, his sacrifice was made complete at Paschendale in October, 1917. From injuries received by shell he was forced to lose both legs by amputation. English hospitals were his home until the beginning of the month, when he sailed for Canada reaching Halifax on Monday. In spite of his journeying home by car and arriving rather before expected, a goodly crowd assembled to greet our first returned hero. Flags were flying on all sides and a halt was called at South Gold River Schoolhouse, where the rector, Rev. C.H. Talmay, voiced the feelings of the people in a few words, partly of sympathy but chiefly of gratitude. The car then proceeded on amid the cheers of those who all know and respect Willie Sawler. Private Sawler will go to Toronto shortly for further hospital treatment and some educational course that he may begin a new and more peaceful sphere in life.

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse

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