A Soldier’s Letter

Bridgewater Bulletin, December 3, 1918.

The following letter was received from Moyle C. Randall by his mother, Mrs. Amos J. Randall of Upper LaHave.

Canadian Machine Gun Depot, Seaford, November 5th, 1918.

My Dear Mother: Just a few lines to let you know that I am smart and getting along fine. I received your letter and box last evening, and was sorry to hear that you were all sick. I got the box and everything was as nice as could be. It came welcome to me. I can’t thank you too much for it. I got the letter and picture that Willie sent me from N.F.L.D. It’s a great thing to see someone from home if it is only a picture of them. It was a long time coming. We had a pass for six days and we just got back the night before last. We went to London first and from London to Scotland. I have seen more in those six days than I have seen since I am over here. I often heard people say that London was a fine city but never expected to see it myself, but I like Scotland the best for mine. Everything is free. The Y.M.C.A. is a great thing for a soldier over here. There was a happy crowd of us boys as long as we were on leave, but when we got back the news was there for us to go to France to do the rest of our training, we will be going soon. Well, the 13th. of this month will be 5 mos. since I joined the army, and it doesn’t seem long to me at all. I think the war will soon be over the way everything looks. Well, Mother, write and tell me all the news you know, for a letter comes welcome over here. Thanking you again for the box, I remain, Your truly son, Moyle

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse