Crew is Rescued

Bridgewater Bulletin, April 29, 1919.

On Monday morning April 21 st, as Mr.Fred Wolff of Ironbound was looking after the light, he spied a dory with a signal of distress hoisted. Losing no time, Mr.Wolff put off his boat and quickly brought the exhausted sailors to his home where all kindness was shown them. These poor fellows had been in an open boat for 65 hours without food or water. After every attention had been given them to revive their health and, Mr .Wolff brought them to Bridgewater in his motor boat, giving them lunch, after which they took the train for Halifax and are staying at the Sailors Home, having been sent there by the U.S. consul. They expect to be sent home to Gloucester as soon as possible.

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse

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