Welcome Home

Bridgewater Bulletin, June 3, 1919

On Thursday evening a number of young and old people gathered at the home of Otto Mailman to welcome back Pte. Lawrence Mailman of the “fighting 25th.”

There was a patriotic chorus after which Pte. Mailman was presented with a handsome gold signet ring and a box of cigars, as a slight token of appreciation of his services with the colours.

Though taken by surprise, Pte. Mailman responded to the address of welcome with a fervor that left no doubt as to his aprreciation of the splendid welcome given him. His hearty,”I”m mighty glad to be with you tonight,” made those present feel something of what it means to the boys to get home again.

A lunch of cake and ice cream was served by the guests, and the remainder of the evening was spent in songs, comic readings, and games. The National Anthem brought the pleasant evening to a close. Pte. Mailman returns to civilian life followed by the good wishes of a host of friends.

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse