Returned Soldiers at West Northfield

Bridgewater Bulletin, September 16, 1919.

The members of the West Northfield Women’s Institute held a reception at the home of John Turner, on Saturday evening last, in honour of the returned soldiers: Ptes. Laury Wentzel, William Zinck, Rupert Zwicker, Herbert Feener, Gordon Dauphinee, and Lorne Rhodenizer. Each soldier is to be presented with a signet ring.

A small program was provided which was as follows:

Duet: Taps by Mrs. Arnold Turner and Miss Helen Turner

Recitation:”The Wife-Hunting Deacon” by Miss Lottie Jodrey

Song: “The Little Dog Under the Wagon” by Mrs. A. Turner and Miss H.Z. Turner

Recitation: “Is It Anybody’s Business?” by Miss L.E. Jodrey

Cake, ice cream, and candy were then passed, and after a short lawn game, all to their homes. All report an enjoyable evening.

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse