Upper LaHave News

Bridgewater Bulletin, July 16, 1929.

The annual official visit of the Coadjutor Bishop of the Diocese took place on Sunday last, beginning with services in St.Alban’s Church, when there was a baptism, followed by a Confirmation service, at which two young ladies, Olive and Grace Thompson were confirmed. This was followed by the administration of Holy Communion.

In the afternoon at 3 in St. Matthew’s Church, the Rev. W.J. Bridgman was inducted into the Rectorship of the parish, after which a Confirmation service was held, where ten candidates were confirmed, namely, George A. Snyder,Norman R. Robar, May G. Smith, Florence L. Smith, and Gladys A. Weagle, all of Dayspring, also Amy B. Mulock, Lillian V. Conrad, Margaret E. Rafuse, of Upper LaHave; Emma A. Randall of Rhodes Corner, and Helen A. Linscott of Wollaston, Mass., U.S.A. In the evening the Bishop preached in St. Bartholomew’s Church, the prayers, lessons,etc., taken by the rector.

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse

Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Hebb Celebrate Anniversary

Bridgewater Bulletin, July 16, 1929.

Lunenburg, July 12— At a special meeting of the Women’s Institute on Thursday afternoon a pleasant event took place, when the members presented their president, Mrs. A.J. Hebb, who has held that position for eleven years, with an amethyst ring, the occasion being her fortieth wedding anniversary. The table, on which reposed a handsome wedding cake, was decorated in amethyst colours and flowers. Mrs. G.A. Bachman read the address and Mrs. L.G. Holder presented the gift.

A program, which was in charge of Mrs. G.A. Bachman, was rendered by Mrs. G.O. Baker, Mrs. P.G. Oxner, Miss Gertrude Anderson, Mrs. J.S. Holland and daughter, Peggy, Mrs. H.H. Courtney. A poem composed by Mrs. J.B. Heale was read.

On July 3, 1889,forty years ago, Rev. George Haslam united in marriage Grace Young, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Young to Arthur J. Hebb, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Ephraim Hebb, both of Lunenburg. The wedding took place at St. John’s Anglican Church. Mr. and Mrs. Hebb had as their attendants, the late Mrs. Wallace Rafuse (Susan Hebb), as maid of honour; the late Mrs. John Stewart (Louise Selig) and Mrs. Harry Fraser of Halifax (Carrie Schwartz) as bridesmaids. The late Willis E. Hebb was groomsman and the late Wallace Rafuse and Charlie Whitney, now of Toronto, were ushers. Five sons were born of this union, Charles of Lunenburg; Joe of Philadelphia; Ellard of New Westminster; Dalton of Swift Current; and Bruno, who was killed overseas. Four of these boys were overseas and Mrs. Hebb was an active worker in the Red Cross Society during the war.

Mr. Hebb was the maker of the sails of the famous schooner Bluenose. Mrs. Hebb is actively engaged in all the societies of the town, and has a wonderful talent for promoting and directing plays and public entertainments. She is the president of the Women’s Institute and was the first chairman and first secretary of the same, at the time it was formed here November 3, 1914. She is president of the Ladies Aid Society of St. John’s Anglican Church, past president and the present secretary of the Rebekahs, secretary of the I.O.D.E., and secretary of the V.O.N. Five years ago, at the age of sixty, she skated at the arena in Halifax and performed some wonderful fancy skating at the time.

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse

St. Phillip’s School Results

Bridgewater Bulletin, July 9, 1929.

Grade I – Rex Oickle, 82; Lester Jodrey, 75; Arthur Aulenback, 72; Beatrice Thompkin, 70; Audrey Beck, 67; Stephen Aulenback, 67

Grade II – Roger Croft, 86.2; Lee Feener, 78.2; Josephine Ramey, 64.5; Kathleen Frank, 60.3; Goldia Thompkin, 64.3; Harry Beck, 61.3

Grade III – Ferne Weagle, 87

Grade IV – Fred Aulenback, 92.2; Jean Oickle, 91.8; Evelyn Oickle, 75.4; Margaret Aulenback, 74.4; Grant Jodrey, 72.7; Max Jodrey, 68.8; Bessie Jodrey, 61.7; Irving Beck, 60.3; Arthur Frank, 56.6; Harold Thompkin, 55

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse

Riverview School Results

Bridgewater Bulletin, July 9, 1929.

Grade I – Lloyd Hubley, 95.5; Merna Rhodenizer, 94; Delores Rhodenizer, 92.5; Ivan Conrad, 92.5; Douglas Hubley, 89.5; Seldon Rafuse, 81; Rex Oickle, 80.5; Arnold Hubley, 73; Jack Adams, 69

Grade II – Vivian Foley, 94.2; Mildred Corkum, 79.5; Marjorie Foley, 75.5; Fred Maughan, 61.8

Grade III – Mildred Barnes, 80.6; Harold Bruhm, 73.7; Marion Adams, 70.8; Ralph Manthorne, 67.7; Ainslie Wentzell, 58

Grade IV – Violet Foley, 95.9; Bertha McDonald, 86.4; Rex Wagner, 82.8; John Foley, 80.2; Harold Conrad, 74.6; Lawrence Oickle, 51.5

Grade V – Vernon Oickle, 80.9; Pearl Whynot, 80.6; Earle Foley, 80.1; Cameron Foley, 80; Effie Weagle, 77.5; Hector Rhodenizer, 72.9; Donald Hubley, 63.9

Grade VI – Jessie McDonald, 87.7; Lois Oickle, 82.9; Doris Hubley, 75.7; Phyllis Manthorne, 73.5

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse