Passes His 94th Year

Bridgewater Bulletin, June 20, 1934.

Nathaniel Hebb, a highly respected citizen of Blockhouse, recently received the felicitations of his many friends, the occasion being the celebration of his 94th birthday. In his early life he was engaged in the teaching profession. He was appointed a justice of the peace 61 years ago and in 1917 his legal abilities were further recognized by his being appointed stipendiary magistrate. During these years he filled this office with conspicuous success, his splendid gifts of heart and mind winning for him many friends. He had served his county as a member of the minicipal council; and has also acted in the capacity of presiding officer at election contests. Still actively engaged in the various duties pertaining to his office, he continues to take an active interest in the events of the day.

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse

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