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Who is this man?

This photograph is signed either “Rhodes & Corkum, Bridgewater” or “Rhodes E. Corkum, Bridgewater”. The photograph is courtesy Lynda Andrew and Linda Wiggins, both of Saskatchewan. Exactly how Lynda came into possession of this and other photographs would make a good genealogical sleuthing mystery! Linda Wiggins of Lumsden SK came across a great number of photos when helping her mother move to a smaller home. Her mother did not know any of the people in the photos. Most of the photos were taken in Massachusetts, many with the family name of King. There was also a calling card with the name “Mrs. Alfred Warren”. Ms. Wiggins contacted the New England Historical Genealogical Society but that organization was unable to help. She then placed a few photos in the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society’s bulletin where Ms. Andrew spotted them. Lynda Andrew has sent a number of excellent photocopies of the portraits to the SSGS, including this man. This is the only photograph which we can say for certain might have a South Shore connection. But, on the other hand, he could have been a “come from away” on a visit! If you can identify him, please email Lynda

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