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Rose Bay School

Bridgewater Bulletin, March 18, 1913.

The teachers of Rose Bay School, Miss Lois Whitney of Lunenburg and Mrs. Allister Manthorne of Mill Village (who is supplying here for a few months for her friend, Mrs. Greenlaw) held a social and handkerchief sale in A.O.F. Hall Monday evening, 10th. inst., which was largely attended and proved quite a success. The sum of $58.50 was realized. This sum is to purchase a school bell, which the teachers are ordering this week. They have also offered to help the section erect a belfry by having a garden party or moonlight excursion to Bridgewater in June when the Bankers return.

Rose Bay is to be congratulated on its new school building which is quite modern and well equipped.

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse

Lunenburg News

Bridgewater Bulletin, October 8, 1912.

A young son of Captain Ampleas Berringer had a narrow escape from drowning on Friday afternoon by falling into an old well. Angus Morash rescued him.

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse

Knox Church, New Dublin

Bridgewater Bulletin, August 6, 1912.

Knox Church at Dublin Shore was taken charge of by summer visitors at the Dublin House, on Sunday, and they conducted a special service which was attended by a large congregation. The participants were Mr. and Mrs. Cooper, Professor and Mrs. Mosher and Mr.and Mrs. Cortes of Cincinnati, and others. Mr. Cooper spoke on “The Influence of a Church in a Community” and Professor Mosher led the singing which was of a high order. Professor Mosher left Petite Riviere many years ago, and has risen in musical circles. His wife is a charming soprano. Friday night these talented musicians will give a recital at Petite Riviere.

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse

New School

Progress Enterprise, December 31, 1911.

A new school building for Bridgewater is being advocated. THe Town owns a very valuable piece of land which is intended for school purposes, and it is hoped that a substantial red granite or concrete building will be erected.

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse

Waterloo News

Bridgewater Bulletin, July 11, 1911.

A mile or more of new road has been made in thirteen hours, with the road-machine in this district, with the help of seven men and four pairs of oxen and an operator to work the road-machine.

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse

Town and County News

Bridgewater Bulletin, June 13, 1911.

Henry Sorette has kindly donated to the town the drinking trough placed by him on the corner of North and Aberdeen Streets.

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse

Tancook News

Bridgewater Bulletin, April 4, 1911.

A petition has been circulated to be presented at the local legislature, in order to have a daily ferry between the Island and Chester. That would be a convenience, especially in winter, and might also result in our having a daily mail and that of course would imply a money order office on the Island which is much needed.

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse

Cook’s Bridge

Bridgewater Bulletin, July 12, 1910.

The bridge across the LaHave near Cook’s Settlement, contemplated for a long time, is about to be built. A number of men are now at work getting out stone for the foundation. Local election must be handy.

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse

Jessen Falkenham’s Accident

Bridgewater Bulletin, February 22, 1910.

A driving accident occurred near the court house Sunday afternoon in Lunenburg resulting in the death of a valuable horse. Jessen Falkenham, a boy of fifteen years, was driving around a corner when the horse fell, injuring the animal’s hip and hurting it internally. It was conveyed to a barn, where it died fifteen minutes later. Johnson Falkenham, the father of the boy, is away fishing. Before going he had charged his son not to take the horse out of the barn.

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse

Barrel of Rum Seized

Bridgewater Bulletin, Oct. 13, 1908

Policeman McAuliffe seized a barrel of rum and one of beer in Angus McIntyre’s shoe shop on Saturday. The stuff was placed in the shop during Mr. McIntyre’s absence to supper and he claims that it does not belong to him, and he did not know of its presence in his shop. A window was broken and the door forced open to gain an entrance.

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse