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Mahone Bay Post Office

Progress Enterprise, October 23, 1907.

The Mahone Bay Post Office is to be removed to the Zwicker building. Great improvements are being made in the building and the office is to be equipped with locked boxes. The change will take place the last of the month.

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse

Mills at Upper Northfield

Progress Enterprise, October 23, 1907.

After threshing nearly seven thousand bushels of oats and barley, the mill at Rhodes Bridge is closed down for the season. We are also pleased to notice that the new mill for the manufacture of staves and shingles, erected by Heli MacKay and Stephen Arenburg is practically completed.

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse

Balcom’s Stage Coach

Bridgewater Bulletin, October, 1905.

Saturday night Balcom’s stage made its last mail trip from Bridgewater to Liverpool, the mails are being carried by train. Mr. Balcom has served the government and public for a long number of years, but the advance of modern means of communication has driven him off the road. His many friends in Bridgewater wish him success.

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse

Train Derailment

Bridgewater Bulletin, October 4, 1904.

Just after the train from Middleton left the Northfield Station on Saturday night , the rear coach left the track and pounded over the ties for about three car lengths before the train could be stopped. Great excitement prevailed in the derailed car which keeled over slightly and contained a number of passengers among whom were many women and children. A man named Simeon Shay, of Hamilton, Ontario, jumped from the car and alighted in some stones and stumps and sustained a compound fracture of his left ankle. The derailed car was detached from the train, which proceeded to this place with all speed. The wounded man, who was suffering terribly, was removed to the office of Drs. Stewart and Kelley, who set and dressed the ankle after which the sufferer was taken to Clark’s Hotel and made as comfortable as circumstances would permit.

Shay is in the employ of the Wrought Iron Range Company of Toronto, and was coming here to work when he met with the accident. The poor fellow is away from friends and has no accident insurance, therefore any kindness shown him will be very welcome. He will likely be sent to the Victoria General Hospital as soon as he can be moved. The cause of the accident is not yet known. On Sunday an examination was made and the derailed car placed on the track and brought to the shops. It is not damaged to any great extent and the wheels, which are of the best made with steel bands are in good condition.

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse

Dr. Faulkner

Bridgewater Bulletin, October 4, 1904.

A large and representative number of the medical men of Lunenburg County, together with a few professional and business friends, gave a farewell dinner at Hotel Miller, Lunenburg, on the night of the 27th inst, in honour of Dr. Faulkner of Mahone. The doctor is about leaving the scene of his labours for the purpose of prosecuting his studies in the hospitals of London and Edinburgh. The occasion was a most enjoyable one, thanks to the efforts of the genial host; and though akin to sad such partings always are, this fact did not materially interfere with the appetites of those present. If good wishes and kindly impressions are helpful and tend to stimulate endeavor, Dr. Faulkner goes to the Old Country with no mean supply. After dinner the guests of the evening and all retired to the residence of Dr. Burrell, where, with music, and laughter, accompainments of good fellowship, a most memorable function was concluded. Dr .Faulkner is a young physician, who had an enviable student career, and during the few years of his practice in Lunenburg County, has given evidence of professional qualifications of the highest order. His genial disposition, fine literary taste and honest manliness, have endeared him to his most intimate acquaintances, and made his esteemed by all. He will be much missed by his medical brethren, patrons, and the whole community, which cannot help feeling the absence of a gentleman of his attainments. All will find consolation in the fact that he will, by his present course, prepare himself for greater achievement and wider usefulness, Bon Voyage, Friend Faulkner.

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse

List of Candidates Provincial Examinations Held at Bridgewater in July

Bridgewater Bulletin, July 12, 1904.

Antoine Langille, Mahone Bay; Grace Marjorie Tupper, Bridgewater; Helen Stewart Mackay, Bridgewater; Otto Carleton Rafuse, Bridgewater; Eva Hawkesworth, Bridgewater; Emily Pearl Mouzar, Bridgewater; /Mary Elaine Thompson, Bridgewater; Jennie Beatrice Rafuse, Bridgewater; Florence Edith Hebb, Bridgewater

Cassie E.B. Corkum, Conquerall Bank; Agnes Valette Naugler, Bridgewater; Etta Hirtle, Middle Lahave; Lavinia Hebb, Bridgewater; Blanche Eva Brooks, Bridgewater; Florence I. Thompson, Bridgewater; Mary Ann Getson, Getson’s Cove; Arthur Wilfrid Hebb, Bridgewater; Estella H. Murley, Pleasant River

Jessie Chesley, New Germany; Isabel Elliott Chesley, New Germany; Corena Wile, Bridgewater; Jessie B.M. Brooks, Bridgewater; Sadie Ida Snyder, Bridgewater; Belle Ernst, Bridgewater; Gilbert Manning, Bridgewater; Robert Duff, Bridgewater; Laura A, Wentzel, Bridgewater

Laliah Mouzar, Bridgewater; Allan S. Tupper, Bridgewater; Nellie Pauline Cook, Bridgewater; Gordon Maurice Hebb, Bridgewater; Bernice Lucretia Deal, Bridgewater; Elsie Catherine Fralic, Bridgewater; Charles Perfect Murray, Bridgewater ; Nellie Florence West, Bridgewater; Gladys Elfreda Conrad, Bridgewater

James D. Thompson, Bridgewater; Almeda Corkum, Bridgewater; Cecilia M. Evelyn McGill, Bridgewater; Roy LaMont Oakes, Bridgewater; Lena Cora Brooks, Bridgewater; Beatrice Sophia Feindel, Bridgewater; Dena Evelyn Snyder, Bridgewater; Eleanor Margaret Carter, Bridgewater; Robert Henry Taylor, Bridgewater

Edward William White, Bridgewater; Ethel Lena Marryatt, Bridgewater; Beatrice M. Rodenhizer, Bridgewater; Eva Mabel Rodenhizer , Bridgewater; Elva Lucretia Fralic, Bridgewater; Sadie M. Morgan, Bridgewater; Gertrude H. Feindel, Bridgewater; Gertrude E. Bell, Lahave Islands

May Alma Burns, Dayspring; Sadie Bernice Silver, Dayspring; Mersie Rodenhizer, Dayspring; May Evelyn Hirtle, Dayspring; Florence V. Sponagle, West Dublin; Grace Hayward, West Dublin; Minnie Maude Bell, Dublin Shore; Emma Lucy Bell, Dublin Shore; Eleanor E. Veinot, Pleasant River; Beatrice Annie Colp, Pleasant River

Edna A. Tufts, Simpson’s Corner; Sadie A. Oickle, Baker’s Settlement; Judson G. Rafuse, Conquerall Bank; Georgina Mary Crouse, Lapland; Cynthia Blanche Crouse, Lapland; Jennie B. Garber, Newcombville; Minnie P. Jefferson, New Germany; James H. Jefferson, New Germany; Emma Ella Silver, Rhodes Corner; Blanche E. Feener, Rhodes Corner; Ella A. Wagner, Rhodes Corner

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse

LaHave Bridge

LaHave Bridge

Progress Enterprise, March 16, 1904.

The foundation of the LaHave bridge is being laid. A tool house and forge have been built. Stone is being quarried in New Germany. The piers will be of solid mason work, and none but the best of granite will be used. As soon as the weather will permit it will be pushed for all it is worth. Contractor James G. McDonald, of Cloverdale, New Brunswick, is the builder. Gordon Cook, Esquire, is the foreman. The bridge will be 500 feet long and one of the finest in the Maritime Provinces.

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse

Mahone Grading Examination

Bridgewater Bulletin, July 14, 1903.

The following is the resuly of the recent grading examinations held in the Mahone Bay High School. The list is in order of merit excepting Grade 4.

Grade 2 — Hilda Veinotte, Nora Begin, Andy Zwicker, Clara Freeman, Rita Mosher, Hugh Hyson, Lena Freeman, Marna Hyson, Eva Acker, Ruby Ham, Gertrude Zwicker, George Langille, Blanche Mader, Edwin Zwicker, Guida Ham, Earl Rost, Emma Rhuland, George Mader, Wellesly Whynot

Grade 3– Lottie Silver, Clara Quinlin, Nettie Silver, Rhoda Slawenwhite, Otto Zwicker, Stanley Kedy, and Eldridge Burgoyne, equal, Ella Oickle, Albert Whilneff, Linwood Young, Byron Fancy, Ray Deals, Reginald Hyson, Ralph Veinot, Charles Ernst, Charles Demone, George Kaulback, Noble Wentzell, Waldo Smeltzer, Pearl Langille, Hugh Veinot, Finnis Slawenwhite, George Awalt, Fred Whynot

Grade 4 — Maurice Rafuse, Jessie Fancy, Leslie Dalton, Leone Ham, Harris Ham, Annie Schnare, Hilda Dalton, Hazel Walsh, Harold Eisenhauer, Hazel Ham, Martin Whilneff, Helen Nicol, Fred Ham, Mary Langille, Moyle Mosher, Earl Joudrey, Hattie Ham, Laura Ham, Randson Aulenbach, Harvey Ernst, Anthony Mader, George Grady, Muriel Mason, Stanley Lohnes

Grade 5 — Pearl Kedy, Annie Ernst, Eldora Adams, Evelyn Joudrey, Hattie Adams, Emily Ham, Ruth Millet, Edward Kedy, Eva Ham, Florence Zinck, Hazel Hyson, Clarence Veinotte, Sydney Ham, Annie Veinotte, Fred Langille, Carrie Slawenwhite, Bessie Veinotte, Jessie Awalt, Gertrude Joudrey, Wynne Eisnor, Willie Rhuland

Grade 6 — Hilda Freeman, Kate Weinaut, Gilbert Wentzell, Myra Wentzel, Pearl Hirtle, Rosa Ham, Frank Mader, Minnie Langille, Palmer Zwicker, Noble Hardy, Emory Langille, George Nicol, Harold Dalton

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse

Provincial Teachers’ Exams

Bridgewater Bulletin, Jul 7, 1903

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Candidates at Provincial teachers’ examinations held at Bridgewater, 1st. to 4th.

Grade B – A.V. Prince, Bridgewater; Blanche E. Brooks, Bridgewater; Eva Hawkesworth, Bridgewater; Frank Freeman, Bridgewater; Joseph R. Cook, Bridgewater; Lavinia I. Hebb, Bridgewater; A. Roy Manning, Bridgewater; Alma Waterman, Pleasant River; Antoine Langille, Mahone Bay; Jessie E. Wile, North Brookfield.

Grade C – Helen S. Mackay, Bridgewater; Grace M. Tupper, Bridgewater; Jessie B. Brooks, Bridgewater; Sadie L. Snyder, Bridgewater; Agnes V. Naugler, Bridgewater; Jennie B. Rafuse, Bridgewater; Amy E. Hebb, Bridgewater; Elva B. Hebb, Bridgewater; June L. Hebb, Bridgewater; Emily P. Mouzer, Bridgewater; Arthur W. Hebb, Bridgewater; Corona Wile, Bridgewater; Etta Hirtle, Middle LaHave; Cassie E. Corkum, Conquerall Bank; Effie M. Naugler, Dayspring; Mary A. Burns, Dayspring; Susie B. Silver, Dayspring; Alma M. Bolivar, Dayspring; Mercy Rodenhiser, Dayspring; Avis A. Wagner, New Canada; Leah C. Bell, West Dublin; Josie B. Bushen, West Dublin.

Grade D – Robert H. Duff, Bridgewater; Nellie E. Fancy, Bridgewater; Carl Morton, Bridgewater; Belle Ernst, Bridgewater; Allan S. Tupper, Bridgewater; Laura A. Wentzel, Bridgewater; Gilbert J. Manning, Bridgewater; Irvine A. Joudrey, Bridgewater; Ethel B. Mouzer, Bridgewater; Jennie L. Hebb, Bridgewater; Laliah Mouzar, Bridgewater; Gordon M. Hebb, Bridgewater; Emma E. Silver, Rhodes Corner; Bernie L. Deal, New Germany; John H. Jefferson, New Germany; Edith C. Richard, Getson’s Point; Elsie S. Fralic, Pleasantville; Hannah Bolivar, Conquerall Mills; Annie M. zzink, Hebb’s Cross; Hattie E. Lacey, Hebb’s Cross; William E. Hebb, Hebb’s Cross.

M.P.Q. – Lavinia I. Hebb, Bridgewater; Gertrude Feindel, Bridgewater; G. Louise Porter, Bridgewater; Elva L. Fralic, Bridgewater; Agnes V. Naugler, Bridgewater; Mary E. Thompson, Bridgewater; Elva L. Sarty, Bridgewater; Alma Waterman, Pleasant River; Jessie E. Wile, North Brookfield; Cassie E. Corkum, Conquerall Bank; Avis A. Wagner, New Canada; Etta Hirtle, Middle LaHave.

Supplementary – Sadie M. Morgan, Bridgewater; Elva B. Hebb, Bridgewater; Mary E. Thompson, Bridgewater; Mattie G. Burnaby, Milton; Lillian M. Adams, Dublin Shore; Minnie M. Bell, Dublin Shore.

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse

Town and Country News

Bridgewater Bulletin, December 3, 1901.

A boy named Frank Conrad had one of his hands caught by the circular saw at Davison’s lower mill one day last week, the thumb being nearly severed.

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse