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Town and Country News

Bridgewater Bulletin, December 3, 1901.

John Himmelman of Rose Bay was injured in a gunning accident on Friday last. The gun, which was a double barrelled breech loader, burst while being discharged and the left barrel was driven into his right hand, lacerating it badly.

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse

A Terrible Accident

Bridgewater Bulletin, March 30, 1920.

A deed worthy of recognition by the Humane Society was enacted here Saturday, while several persons were enjoying themselves ice boating on the harbour. Guy Joudrey, of Mader’s Cove, being unaware of the weakness of the ice on the inner edge, was seen by Murray Ernst approaching, what he, Ernst, knew to be a dangerous locality, a few hundred feet off Ernst’s shipyard. He gave chase to Joudrey, shouting and gesticulating, but Joudrey, being of the opinion that a race was on, kept to his course. The shoutings of the shipyard men tended to excite him, and a few seconds later his boat went through, precipitating him into the icy waters.

Ernst arrived a few seconds later, tacked his boat, lowered the sail, and unreafing his halyards, threw the line to Joudrey, whose struggles to get out, caused the ice to continually break under him. The shipyard men endeavored to reach him with planks, but failing, owing to their heavy weight, secured a dory and pushing it ahead of them succeded in effecting a rescue, but none too soon, for with a firm grip of the line, he had lapsed into unconsciousness. He was taken into Ernst’ s store, restoratives used and ultimately brought around. His legs and face were cut by coming in contact with the sharp edges of the ice. Had it not been for Ernst’s presence of mind and quick action, Joudrey would have drowned before aid would have reached him from shore. He was in an extremely dangerous position himself but being light in weight and clear headed he successfully saved a valued life. He is a son of Willis A. Ernst, of Ernst’s Ltd. Both boys are twenty years of age.

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse

Lunenburg News

Bridgewater Bulletin, October 30, 1900.

On Thursday evening the members of Unity Lodge A.F. and A.M. called on Captain William Young and presented him with an address and a gold headed cane in honour of his “Masonic Jubilee.” After the interesting ceremony was over the company was invited to the dining romm where a substantial supper was served. Speeches and toasts brought to a close a particularly pleasant evening.

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse

Town and Country News

Bridgewater Bulletin, October 30, 1900.

A young lady from one of our country districts went to Middleton one day last week to be married. On arrival at the hotel she found a note from her “intended” stating that he was obliged to go to the States and that he would return later.

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse

Letter from the Boer War

Progress Enterprise, April, 1900.

In a letter received from Private Chas. E. Miller, of Lunenburg, by his parents last evening, and dated at Paar Drift, February 23, he says:- We arrived here on Sunday morning and just had our kits off our backs when we were ordered to be ready as the enemy was in sight. Our regiment was in the firing line, the fight was at the Modder River bank, but I can’t describe it. On Tuesday we had another scrap. One of our men, Johnson, who was alongside of me is likely to die from his wound. (Since dead) I am all right but got a bullet through my helmet, which grazed my hair and made it stand on end for some minutes. It was the Orange Free State army we were fighting aginat. Oue casualties in both engagements were about 95 killed and wounded.

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse

Snowball Fun

Bridgewater Bulletin, March 13, 1900.

Saturday when the train was between Nictaux and Alpena, proceeding to Lunenburg, a couple of lads threw snowballs at a car and struck a window. The train was stopped and backed to the place the boys were.The boys took to the woods followed by the train men who eventually caught one of the culprits and gave him a good scare.

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse

Would-be Pedagogues

Bridgewater Bulletin, Jul. 11, 1899

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The following is a list of sixty-six candidates for teachers’ certificates who presented themselves before H.T. Keefler and S.G. Tobin, at the Bridgewater High School last week.

B (which means the candidate had completed Grade 11.) Minetta Vaughn Crandall, New Canada; Laura Harley Gow, Bridgewater; Cecil McDougald, Bridgewater; Frances Eugene Wilson, Bridgewater; Blanche Edith Starratt, Bridgewater; Reginald Edward Hyson, Mahone Bay.

C (which means the candidate had completed Grade 10) Bowman Luke Rafuse, Conquerall Bank; Eaton Charles Cleversey, Dayspring; Jessie Emma Rafuse, Conquerall Bank; Jennie Tabitha Wile, Bridgewater; Lila Gertrude Logan, Bridgewater;Jeanie Hunter Duff, Bridgewater; Valeria Freeman, Bridgewater; Maud Margaret McMillan, Bridgewater; Hattie Eliza Rafuse, Bridgewater; Lillie Dean Fadet, Bridgewater; Vera Croucher Curll, Bridgewater; Andrew Arthur Gow, Bridgewater; Mary Ethel Logan, Bridgewater; Geneva May Oakes, Bridgewater; Bessie Fancy, Bridgewater; Letitia Alice Crouse, Lapland; Phoebe Abigail Slauenwhite, Conquerall Bank; Annie Winifred Corkum, Conquerall Bank; Alma Waterman, Pleasant River; Sarah Alice Tupper, Pleasant River; Lydia Augusta Fancy, Pleasant River; Effie Mabel Rodenhiser, Upper Branch.

D (which means the candidate had completed Grade 9) Carrol Foss, Bridgewater; Lillian May Thompson, Bridgewater; Florence Isabel Thompson, Bridgewater; Bradford Reeves, Bridgewater; Prescott Blaydon Duff, Bridgewater; Gertrude Hannah Feindel, Bridgewater; Blanche Eva Brooks, Bridgewater; Maggie Edith Wagner, Bridgewater; Mabel Florence Simonson, Bridgewater; Gertrude Agnes Burkett, Bridgewater; Ida Helena Wentzell, Bridgewater; Vera Louise Benjamin, Bridgewater; William Welsford Brignell, Bridgewater; Kate Porter, Bridgewater; Evelyn Manning , Bridgewater; Wilda Mann, Bridgewater; Susie Wile, Bridgewater; Annie Pauline Hamm, Mahone Bay; Belle Blanche Hawkesworth, Barss Corner; Mary Evelyn Warner, Conquerall Bank; Reginald McKean Saunders, Conquerall Bank; Nora Cecilia Hiltz, Dalhousie Road; Ethel Gaul, Dalhousie Road; Margaret Sophia Matthews, Dalhousie Road; Urban Henry Layton, Petite Riviere; Minnie Maud Bell, Dublin Shore; Lillian Maxwell Adams, Dublin Shore; Elsie Dolores Zwicker, Italy Cross; Elva Belle Hebb, Bridgewater; Florence Louise Hebb, Bridgewater; Estella Hannah Murley, Pleasant River; Mary Ann Getson, Getson’s Point; Maggie Leone Spearwater, Getson’s Point; Grace Avernia Getson, Getson’s Point; Mary Knock, West LaHave; Isabel Cameron McKean, West LaHave; Estella Eamback, West LaHave; Agnes Sophia Long, East Dalhousie.

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse

Listing of Newcombville School Teachers

Lena S. Hebb 1987-1898 E.M. Rodenizer 1899 Emily M. Richardson 1900 Elizabeth A. Fancey 1901-1902 Mattie A. Burnaby 1903

Hattie G. Card 1904-1905 Florence E. Hebb 1906-1907-1908 Alma May Bolivar 1909 Georgina M. Crouse 1910-1911-1912 Florence Slauenwhite 1913

Eva M. Smith 1914 Alma May Bolivar 1915-1916-1917 Doris Gwendolyn Veinot 1918 Bell Elizabeth Ernst 1919-1920-1921 Vera M. Weagle 1922-1923

Perlie A. Wile 1924 Beatrice Mae Hebb 1925 Florence A. March 1926 Gladys Viola Connel 1927 Laura A. Siteman 1928

Effie Seamone 1929 Mabel Dauphine 1930 M.R. Dolliver 1931-1932-1933 Elva G. Wile 1934-1935 Olive Viola Ernst 1936

Stanford N. Wamback 1937 Elva G. Wile 1938 Kathleen B. Wyle 1939-1940 Pauline K. Meisner 1940- 1941- 1942- 1943 Clarice B. Feener 1944-1945

Mary I. Meisner 1945-1946 N. Barbara Crouse 1947 Helen Walker 1947-1948 Mrs. Kathleen Milbury 1948-1949 Mrs. Letty Keddy 1949-1950-1951-1952-1953

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse

Lunenburg Academy School Register

May to October, 1890. Teacher: A.J. McDougald

May 7, 1890: Hon. W.S. Fielding addressed a meeting in the Drill Shed.

May 14: This was Nomination Day. Church and Sperry were nominated for the Liberals and McLean and Smith for the Liberal-Conservatives.

May 21: This was Election Day. Church and Sperry were elected. The Fielding Government was sustained.

May 23: This was Declaration Day. The Stars and Strpies were flying in Lunenburg.

June 7: This was Lunenburg’s Natal Day and there was no celebration.

July 1: This was Dominion Day. The S.S. Halifax was in the port of Lunenburg.

September 16: This was the day of the Lutheran Picnic and the marriage of Primrose Zwicker.

September 25: The Methodist Sunday School Exhibition was held on this day.

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse

Lunenburg School Teachers

Bridgewater Bulletin, July 11, 1888.

At nine o’clock on Tuesday morning the teachers’ examinations opened in the academy with Judge Chesley performing the duties of examiner. In 1886 there were 82 candidates, 69 in 1887, and this year there are but 59. Last year 47 applied for Grade C against 27 this year. The following list shows the applicants and their aims:

Lunenburg: George Cain,B; Ellen Herman, C; Bertha Andrews, D; Minnie Cossman, C; Antoinette Lohnes, D; Maggie A.Smith, C; Addie Sawler, D; Edna Herman,D; Mortimer Reinhardt,C; Elsie E. Hebb,C

Bridgewater: Ellie M.Tobin,C; Charles E. Artz, C; Millie Power, C; Agnes Wynacht, C; Laura M. Wile, C; Stanly G. Tobin, D; Nellie McMillen, C; Helen Beardsley, C; Richard Patillo, D ; Ellen T.Perry,D; Mary A. Risser,D; Annie M.Wensell, C; Edgar March, C; Edwin Kaulback, D; Ada Mailman, C; Ida M. Ward, C; Low Hirtle,C

Mahone Bay: Mary C. Strum, D; Adelaide Veinot, D; Bessie E. Andrews, D; Hattie Ham, D Mader’s Cove: Leila Westhaver,D

Chester: Eva Webber, C; Alma M. Cooney,C; Bessie Phalen, D; Annie Hawboldt, D; Mary Corkum, D; Annie Pulsifer, D; Lydia Fleet, C Chester Basin: Cora Hennigar,C

New Germany: Oliver Caldwell, C; Maggie Tretheway, D; Novella Spidle,D; Chesley’s Corner: Bertha Lonas, C Lantz Office: Ella Lantz, D

Upper Northfield: Ella McKay, C; Sarah Fancy, D; Nettie Fancy, D; Ida M.Jean,D West Northfield: Alice L. Wentzell, D; Hannah Sarty, D; Jennie C. Ramey, D

Dublin Shore: Edith S. Crawford, C New Cumberland: Hattie Corkum, D New Canada: Freelove Mader, D Lakeville: Lillie L. Corkum, D Maitland: Ida C. Barry , D Midville: Agnes McDonald C

Contributor: Rosemary Rafuse