If you can’t remember your password or simply want/need to change it, follow these steps:



Location of Log In On Home Page


On our home page (www.ssgs.ca), click on “Log In”, found at the top of the page.





Log In Screen With Arrow Pointing At Lost PW




Leave the Username & Password fields blank. Click on “Lost Password”.








Lost Password Pg With Red Arrow At Field



Type your Username or email address into the indicated field then click on “Get New Password”. A password reset email will be sent to you.

Note: The username or email you enter much match the info we have on file for you. If in doubt, contact us for confirmation.







PW Reset Email With Red Arrows


A password reset email from office@ssgs.ca provides you with a link (see red arrow) to take you to the reset page. Click on the link.

Note: Your username is also included in the email. In this example, it’s outlined with a red box.





Initial Reset Page


A system generated password is ‘offered’. We don’t need a very strong password – we’re not accessing/storing confidential information.

Use your ‘backspace’ key to remove the dots in the upper box. As you do, you’ll notice the revealed password disappears in the lower box. Whatever you type in the upper box (your hidden password) is shown in the lower box (your revealed password).







PW Reset Field Blanked



You should now have a reset box that looks like this.









PW reset New PW


You can now type in whatever password you choose. You can review the lower box to ensure what you’ve typed is what you want. Write your new password down somewhere so you won’t have to repeat this process anytime soon !

In my example, the system has flagged my password as “very weak”. Again, we’re not banking here so a weak password will be fine.

Click on “Reset Password”.






First Login With New PW




You’ll be returned to the Log In page where you can now enter your username (or email) plus your new password to access the member content.







Reset Confirmation Email An email confirmation will also be sent to confirm your change.